RUCK-ING [VERB] Carrying a weighted pack on your back. It implies action, energy, and purpose.

Rucking is simple.
So simple, it's stupid. Stupid Good
Get a backpack. Put some weight in said backpack. Put on the backpack. Start walking. That's it.

As founder of GORUCK, Jason McCarthy so eloquently states:

"Rucking is getting out in the real world with your friends, its coming together and smiling on the move. There's no contract, no fees, nothing like that, its just time well spent."

Rucking has its origins in the military, where soldiers wear a rucksack (another word for backpack) filled with provisions and equipment and then march with it for hours or even days on end. Roman legionaries rucked. Spartans rucked. WWII GIs rucked.

Thanks to GORUCK (a company that manufactures rucksacks and puts on rucking-centered challenges) rucking has become a popular fitness activity amongst civilians. Their events have introduced thousands of people to the idea of walking around with a heavy backpack while doing hard things like carrying logs and doing push-ups as seen in:

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